Registered for 2017?

!! Only 2 weeks left !!

The last opportunity to register for the 2017 calendar year is rapidly approaching. The absolute deadline is June 29th, 2017 and there will be NO EXCEPTIONS! If you have not completed all the requirements by then, you cannot be registered for 2017. There are no refunds if you made a payment.

You can check if you are registered by logging in to the website. After successful login, you are presented with a summary of your registrations. Look at the line for 2017. If not present or it says "Not Registered" then you are not registered for 2017. For grade 9, 8 and 7 referees you must complete BOTH the online test and make a payment. There are more than 30 referees that have paid but not taken and passed the online test (80% is passing). There are also a few referees that passed the test but not paid.

You make your payments on the Force website. There is a link on our front page. The direct login is If you have EVER been a referee, DO NOT select New Referee as that will cause a delay in processing that could extend past the deadline. The biggest problem we encounter is your email address is wrong. The registrar can assist in updating your email address.

Direct your questions to Don't wait until the last minute!

Lapses in Referee Registration

All referees are required to be registered for the current year prior to being involved with any U.S. Soccer affiliated match or U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program activity. Any individual that has missed 2 years or less of registration must satisfy recertification requirements in order to register for 2017. Any individual that has missed 3 years or more of registration must satisfy certification requirements.

If your last registration year was 2015 then you must send an email to the registrar at to request authorization to take the online test. Once you complete the online test, then complete the other requirements for recertification at your grade level.

If your last registration year was 2014 or earlier then you must take a referee class. The referee classes will be offered monthly and will be posted on this website. The cost of the referee class is $65 and includes the registration fee for 2017 registration. Questions can be directed to the State Director of Instruction at