2018 Registration Procedure

The registration process for 2018 has changed. We are now using Arbiter to process all aspects of registration. This includes training videos, testing and payment. Go to http://nevadasrc.arbitersports.com to start the registration process. This MUST be done from a laptop or desktop computer!

Please read the directions carefully and only select the re-certification item for your current grade. If you are looking to upgrade, then DO NOT select anything until you contact the registrar at registration@nevadareferee.org for specific instructions.

Registration and re-certification is a two step process on Arbiter which can be confusing. There is a Registration step and an Eligibility step. The Registration step is simply registering your information with Arbiter, confirming your grade and making a payment. You MUST complete the Eligibility step before you will be registered with US Soccer. The Eligibility step varies according to your grade and may include training videos, testing, assessments, clinics, etc.

2018 Nevada ODP Referees Excelled

The 2018 US Youth Soccer Region IV ODP Championships were held in Phoenix, AZ Jan 4-8th. Showcasing top youth soccer regionally over an intense 4 days of games from ages U13-U17. Finals on last day was no exception and our Nevada Referees were up for the task.

13 Nevada Referees were selected to participate and compete to take the crown as strongest youth referee program in our the region.

Mentored and Coached by Professional Referees, National Instructor and National Assessors our Referees excelled. They all were heavily involved in the top assignments throughout the event based on performance, Skill and Ability.

Highlights included final assignments as Referee by second year participant Eduardo Gonzalez and first time participant Luis Morales. Also Uriel Aguilera impressed on highest assignment on Saturday as Referee for BU17 Semi-Final.

2018 Nevada ODP Referees:
Chris Sosa, Kaitlin King, Jose Morales, Medardo Lugo, Samuel Merino, Uriel Aguilera, Chris Eckert, Eduardo Gonzales, Leo Merino, Luis Morales, Jesus Ubario, Benjamin Limon, Andrea Garcia.
Referee Coach: Alejandro Aguilera
Referee Coach: Juan Guzman

Special thanks to Nevada Youth Soccer Association, Nevada Referee Program and US Youth Region IV for all your support.